Spiritual Renewal Retreat

God has blessed Flight 4031 Ministries with a small two bedroom, one bath cabin in the woods in Smithville, Tennessee near Center Hill Lake. It is a quiet and peaceful place where you can get away to take a break from the busyness and struggles of life. The cabin is called The Eagle’s Rest based on Isaiah 40:31. If you would like to use The Eagle’s Rest for a personal spiritual renewal or family retreat, please submit the Spiritual Renewal Retreat Application form and we will happily schedule you according to availability.

Note: The Eagle’s Rest is also available for a church staff planning day or retreat. Please contact Ron or Debbie Moore about the possibility of scheduling your next staff planning time at The Eagle’s Rest.

Couples Retreats

Periodically, Flight 4031 Ministries will schedule a 4 day retreat for couples who would benefit from a time of renewal and refreshment. These retreats are truly retreats. There is no conference or program. Couples are invited to set their own schedule, but each couple is asked to come to the evening meal each day so they can enjoy fellowship with other couples who may be struggling with similar issues. Sharing life circumstances with other couples is completely optional. The only other request is that each couple spend a brief time with Ron and Debbie to share how they can best pray for them. All prayer concerns are kept confidential. All meals and lodging are provided free of charge (using The Eagle’s Rest and the two cabins next to the Eagle’s Rest). Each couple will have their own bedroom and bathroom. See the schedule of Couples Retreats and submit a completed Couples Retreat Application form. Space is limited, so please return your application in a timely fashion. Due to space limitations and the nature of the retreat, there are no provisions for children at the Couples Retreats.


Ron is certified as a Christian Life Coach through Coach Approach Ministries and can provide coaching sessions to those who may desire to have a coach help them think through the issues and problems they are facing. These coaching sessions which can be 30 minutes to an hour and can be done via the phone once a week over a period of time.


Ron has years of experience in church work and is available to provide some consultation on a variety of topics such as: Sunday School, Bible Study, Discipleship, Administration, Capital Campaigns, staff relationships, building space analysis, and building programs. Debbie has conducted training for those working with Special Needs children in the church.