Surveys indicate that 80% of people come to church because someone invited them. What methods can we use to invite them? In the past we could only rely on a personal visit, on a telephone call, or the postal service, but in today’s world we have a variety of methods to contact people and invite them to church. Here are just a few:







Text Message

Blog sites


We can also use yellow pages, magazine ads, television ads, newspaper ads, radio ads, and billboards to get our message out to the people and invite them to church. The message of Jesus Christ never changes but our methods of communication should be constantly changing. Technology can be our friend and can help us be more effective in sharing and inviting people to church.

Look for ways to utilize all of these methods to contact Sunday School class member, absentees, and prospects. Many people are just waiting for someone to invite them to go to church. They know they need to be in church, but they need that encouragement of a friend inviting them to go. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to invite someone to church this week.

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