Take a good look at your Sunday School room? What does it say to those coming to Bible study? Does it say, “I am glad you are here.” or “I am not prepared for you to be here today.”? Is there clutter (pens, pencils, old paper, old bulletins, old information flyers, baskets, etc,) on your shelves and tables? Do you have old literature that needs to be thrown away? Do you have flyers that were for events that happened last year or even two years ago? Do you have left over pots, pans, and dishes from a previous fellowship? Do you have cups, coffeemakers, sugar, creamer, and even microwaves that just clutter the space? Do you have posters and pictures on the wall that do not have anything to do with the Bible study? Is the temperature in the room comfortable? Are the chairs comfortable? Is the space clean? Do you need to get rid of tables so you have more room for people?

A Sunday School room should be clean and inviting. Make sure everything is set up and ready for Bible study before the first learner enters the room. The learning environment should support what you are teaching. It should say, “I am glad you are here and we are prepared for Bible study.” Pick a focal wall or bulletin board. Use current posters from your Leader’s Pack or make some visuals (posters) and/or write something on the whiteboard that will introduce and support what you are teaching that day. De-clutter and get rid of anything that does not support the Bible study time. Think of your Sunday School room as being your living room and you have some important guests coming to your home. You would make sure everything was clean and in order. God’s house should be the best and we should be good stewards of the classroom space that has been provided.

Go ahead and throw some things aways and clean up your act! Make your room warm and inviting. The appearance of your room will either add to or subtract from your Bible study. Spend some time making sure your room looks better and supports your Bible study lesson. Your learners will be able to tell that you have put some thought and preparation into the lesson.


Dennis Minnis · February 8, 2015 at 12:58 pm

Great blog. I agree with you that we need our Sunday School rooms to feel warm and inviting. Clutter says we do not care for what we have. I am looking forward to encouraging our class to take part in Imagine. Thank you for your leadership!


Ron Moore · February 9, 2015 at 3:17 pm

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your leadership and what you do for Little Flock.

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