Many people forget to “spring” their clocks forward to begin Daylight Savings Time or “fall” back when the time changes back to standard time. Since the time change occurs at 2:00 am on Sunday this usually causes many people to miss church or to be late or early depending on whether they forget to turn their clocks back or forward. Time change always has an impact on attendance for Sunday School and worship. Let’s turn this negative into a positive!

As the old saying goes, “take lemons and make lemonade”. Take advantage of this special time of the year to call, text, or email all Sunday School class members reminding them of the time change. Include what Sunday’s lesson will be about and that you are looking forward to seeing them on Sunday. You might also plan to have some spcial refreshments that Sunday. Food always seems to help attendance. Hopefully, this special contact with a reminder about Time Change Sunday will help your attendance instead of it being a day when attendance is down.

What have you done to help Sunday School attendance on Time Change Sunday? What do you do at other times of the year (holidays, spring break, fall break, etc.) to turn “lemons into lemonade” and help keep your attendance up? In the space below, please share your thoughts and ideas on how to avoid low attendance days in Sunday School.


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