Easter is a prime time to reach out to guests, prospects, and inactive members of your Sunday School class. People will attend Easter Sunday when they will not attend any other time during the year. Take advantage of this opportunity. Using text message, email, regular mail, phone calls, and home visits invite people to Easter services. If your church has some special activities such as an Easter Egg Hunt or an Easter musical be sure and invite people to these special events. Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to invite your friends and others to attend the Easter services and events.

Once people have attended on Easter it is critical that you get contact information on each guest such as name, address, phone number, and email. It is vital that follow-up begin immediately, the sooner the better! On Monday, call all guests and thank them for attending your Easter Services and ask them if they have any questions about your church or Sunday School. Encourage them to visit the church website for further information about the church and ministries. From the information gathered talking to the guest, determine the best Sunday School class that would be a “good fit” for the guest. Send the guest a personal letter thanking him for attending and recommend he try the Sunday School class you feel is a “good fit” for him. Give the guest the name of the teacher, where the class meets, and the time the class meets. Send the guest information to the teacher of the class that has been recommended and ask him or her to follow- up with a call, text, email, or visit to the guest. Ask the teacher to assign the guest to someone in the class who will follow-up with a call, text, email, or visit to the guest. They could even invite the guest to come to church the following week and then take them to lunch to get better acquainted. Don’t bombard the guest with contacts but it is better to have too many contacts than to have too few or no contacts.

Plan a Sunday School class fellowship soon after Easter so you can invite the guests from Easter to an informal gathering at someone’s home. This venue may be less intimidating to the guest rather than coming to the Sunday School class. Once they know some people in the class it will be easier for them to attend Sunday School. Don’t give up. Keep inviting. You never know when you will have the opportunity to reach that person and get them involved in Sunday School. Don’t harass the guest but let him know that you care about him and desire for him or her to be involved in the Sunday School class.


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