Email is a fast and cost-effective way to communicate with Sunday School members and prospects. You can set up an email list and send the same message to everyone on your Sunday School roll.

Use Email to:

–         Send a quick message to a guest or member.

–         Send a message to someone who is experiencing a crisis

–         Send an encouraging word to someone

–         Announce a Sunday School class party or fellowship

–         Announce the birth of a child of a class member

–         Send a message about the upcoming Sunday’s lesson

–         Send a prayer request list

–         Send a special emergency prayer request

–         Update members on the condition of a class member

–         Send pictures of a class event or fellowship

–         Send a birthday message

–         Send an anniversary message

–         Other –

The list of possibilities could go on and on. Take the time to get the Email address of every Sunday School class member and prospect. Please reply and share how you have used Email with your Sunday School class.

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