My mother, who lives with my wife and me, is a member of a weekly Bible study group at the church for women. Every week, she can count on getting a phone call from her Bible study group leader. Every Tuesday before the Bible study on Wednesday my mother gets a call reminding her of the Bible study. She also gets an encouraging word to attend. This Bible study group has almost 100% in attendance every week.

Most Sunday School classes run approximately 50% of the class enrollment in attendance. I wonder what would happen if every Saturday, every Sunday School teacher called everyone on his or her Sunday School class roll to remind them of Sunday School and give each person and encouraging word. I imagine that the percentage of those in attendance each week would increase significantly.

The question is, “Why don’t we call everyone each week?” We may not have the time. We may not want to annoy the person. The class enrollment may be so large that it would take hours to call everyone each week. It may be that we have just become comfortable with those who are in attendance. Whatever the case may be, we all need to do a better job of contacting those on our Sunday School rolls. With modern day technology we can keep in touch through email, facebook, text message, and the phone. Every teacher should make it a point to contact everyone on his or her Sunday School roll at least once a month, and more often if possible.

What do you think? Do phone calls really help? What have you done to keep in touch with your Sunday School class members?


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