Many churches have Sunday School High Attendance Days. Sunday School class members are encouraged to make a special effort to make phone calls, send emails, and make visits to those in their classes who have not been regular in attendance. Just like politicians who try to “get out the vote” on election day, some churches have contests to encourage people to get the people out for High Attendance Day.

Some say a High Attendance Day is just a gimmick and that those who come because of a gimmick have to be kept there with more gimmicks. Attendance numbers rise and fall just like flood waters. Numbers are impacted by weather, school calendar, and special events like Easter and a High Attendance Day. Often a High Attendance Day will produce a spike in attendance numbers but they return to the previous level the very next week.

Others say that a High Attendance Day is an effective method to encourage Sunday School class members to make contacts that they might not make otherwise. People are contacted and some people come for High Attendance Day that would not have come if they had not been contacted and invited to the special emphasis. The hope is that at least some of these people who come for High Attendance Day will have a good experience and will return the next week.

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