When I go to a restaurant I observe how inviting the atmosphere is. Does the restaurant look nice, neat, clean, and in order? The next thing I notice is how friendly the staff is and if I get quick and efficient service. The final thing I am looking for in a good restaurant is good food at a good price and plenty of it.

Let’s apply the same principles to our Sunday School classes. Does your Sunday School class look nice, neat, clean, and in order? I have observed too many classes where the chairs are in disarray, there is trash on the floor, there is old literature from several months ago on top of the piano, and if there are any posters or visuals on the wall they are old and needing to be replaced with new visuals that relate to the current lesson. Does your Sunday School class environment say, “We are glad you are here” or “We were expecting you”? Second, do you have someone who is designated to be your reaching leader? This person is responsible for making sure all guests feel welcome and included in the group. The reaching leader will also get the information needed to follow-up with guests. Finally, are you providing good quality Bible study? Have you spent time preparing so you can adequately present the Biblical truths from the Scriptures?

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being low and 10 being good, evaluate and rate your Sunday School class on how “inviting” your class is. What do you need to work on for your class to be more inviting? Leave your comments on what you have done to make your class more inviting?


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