People are back from summer vacations. School is getting ready to begin. Many churches promote preschool, children, and youth to new classes during this time. It is a natural time for people to get back involved in church. Teachers should contact (visit, card, email, or telephone call) every person on his or her Sunday School roll to invite them to church for Promotion Sunday. Children are naturally interested in “moving on up” and seeing who his or her teacher will be. Most parents are also curious where their children will be in Sunday School. It may be helpful to have some special refreshments that morning. Our church will be providing a free breakfast for everyone. Teachers should be there early so they can greet everyone as they come. Name tags can be very helpful in getting to know one another. This is a great time to take advantage of school beginning. Share your comments on what you have you done in your Sunday School class to take advantage of this special time of the year.


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