When taking a test we sometimes use the terminology “I aced that test”, meaning that we did well on the test. There are some things we can do to “ACE” Sunday School. Using the letters in “ACE” as an acrostic it can help us remember what to do.
A = Absentee Contacts – Every week contact those who were absent on Sunday and invite them to be present next week. Ask the absentees if they have any prayer requests that you could pray with them about. Even though the person may never come, they will know you care enough about them to take your time each week to call, email, or visit them. Assign these contacts to others in your class so the task is not too large.
C = Crisis Contacts – Nearly every week there are people in your Sunday School class who are going through a crisis. Just this week I have heard of these crisis situations in our church: a man had a mini-stroke, another man’s father is near death, and a woman who is so depressed that she is suicidal. When someone is going through a crisis they need a shoulder to cry on and someone to pray with them. Be there for those people, pray with them, send notes, and provide meals and other support as needed.
E = Encouragement Contacts – We all need encouragement from time to time. A person has lost a job, he has a rebellious teenager, or he is dealing with some difficult situations at work. The list is endless and it is always helpful to let these people know that you are thinking about them and praying for them. Even those who do not have a specific problem would appreciate an encouraging note. Send them a card, email, give them a call, or even go by and visit. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and concern.
Remember to “ACE It” every week!


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