Nearly every Sunday School teacher has faced that dreaded silence when you ask a question of the group and everyone sits there and stares at you like you just ask them to jump off the Golden Gate bridge. Nobody wants to say anything.

How does one solve this problem? Last week we talked about forming small groups and asking those small groups to discuss and then share with the larger group. Here are some additional practical ways to get people to open up and talk in class.

Another way to get people to open up and talk is to call people who are in the class in advance and give them a question to think about. The person can then do some preparation in advance and come to class prepared to give his thoughts and answer to the question.

Another effective method is to ask a question and ask people in the class to move to an “Agree” or “Disagree” sign that you have posted on the wall. The question must be phrased in such a way that you will get varied response. Once people have moved to the sign that reflects his or her opinion then ask the groups to defend their position and create a mini-debate between the two groups.

Watch the Flight 4031 blog site to get additional ideas on how to improve your Sunday School class.


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