Nearly every Sunday School teacher has faced that dreaded silence when you ask a question of the group and everyone sits there and gives you that deer in the headlight look. Nobody wants to say anything.

Here are two more ideas you might try to get your group to open up and talk. Give people a printed response sheet and ask them to complete the sheet with their thoughts and answers. Then ask people to share their responses to the questions with the class. This can also be done in small groups.

One other way that is less effective but usually works is to ask a question of an individual that you know does not mind sharing and is not intimidated by giving his thoughts. This puts that person on the spot, so do not ask a guest or someone who is not comfortable talking in front of the class. This method could scare some people off because they are afraid that next week you will call on them to answer a question.

Leave a comment and share some methods you have used to get your group to open up and talk.


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