Some would say that a Sunday School High Attendance Day is a waste of time and energy. The Sunday School experiences one day of high attendance but the next Sunday the numbers are back down to the previous levels, so some would ask, “Do Sunday School Attendance Days really do any good?” I think High Attendance Days are beneficial for three reasons:
1. It motivates Sunday School class teachers and members to make contacts that they might not otherwise make.
2. Many people are contacted and feel accepted and wanted because someone cared enough to contact them and invite them to church.
3. There are many who come to church because it is High Attendance Day that might not come otherwise. Our hope is that at least some of these people will return the next week and begin to get involved in Sunday School.
High Attendance Days may seem old fashioned but they still work. Please leave your thoughts and comments on High Attendance Days. What do you do to help make Sunday School High Attendance Days a success?


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