An old method of outreach that still works is to personally take a new Sunday School Learner Book to everyone on the Sunday School roll, including those who are chronically absent. A “Literature Visit” is a good wood to reconnect with someone who has not been present for a while. You may discover there is a reason they have been absent. Ask if there is anything he or she would like for you to pray about and then pray for those expressed needs. Give the person a copy of the Bible study materials for the learner and show them which lesson you will be teaching on Sunday. Some may say that is a lot of expense and the person may not even come. The cost of Lifeway Christian Resources Learner materials is approximately $2.00 per person. This is a good investment. You never know how that visit may minister to someone and get them coming back to church. Even if they do not come, you have left some Bible study materials in the home. Hopefully, the person will pick it up and read it. The Plan of Salvation is always included on the inside cover of the Lifeway materials. Therefore, you have been a witness to this person through your visit and through the literature.

Another great way to use literature is to take a devotional piece life Journey, Stand Firm, Lifewalk, or Open Windows produced by Lifeway Christian Resources when you make a visit to someone who is sick. This provides the person with some daily reading material that will uplift and encourage them while he recovers from his illness.

See if some doctors and dentists you know will allow you to place some Christian literature in his office waiting area. You can place some of the devotional materials that are listed above or use some of the leisure reading magazines produced by Lifeway, such as HomeLife, ParentLife, and Mature Living. Make sure you place current magazines each month. You can place a sticker on the magazine listing your church address and phone number. Include your Sunday School and worship times if possible.

Are there creative ways you have used literature to reach people? Hit the comment button and share your ideas. We want to hear from you!


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