The great commission commands us to “Go and make disciples.” Most Sunday School classes are doing a pretty good job of meeting each week to study God’s Word and helping people become better disciples of Jesus Christ, but most classes are not doing a very good job of the first part of that command – “Go”. We are not intentionally going and inviting people to be a part of our small group Bible study. Often it is only when it is convenient that we will ask someone to come to church, but most of the time we are too busy with life to even stop and think about the many people we pass everyday that need to know Jesus as personal Savior. There are people on every corner and in every walk of life that need Jesus and need to be involved in a small group Bible study where they can build relationships, come to know Jesus as Savior, and grow as a disciple. When was the last time you had a lost person come to your Sunday School class? When was the last time you invited a lost person to come to your Sunday School class? Do your class members invite others to come to Sunday School? Does your class have a Reaching Leader to help your class be more intentional in reaching new people? What have you done to help your class become a class on mission?

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