The book of Acts gives us a good picture of what the early church looked like and what they did. Read Acts 2:42-47. Make note of the characteristics of the early church. How does your Sunday School class match up against the early church? If you had to rate your class on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being bad and 10 being good, how would your class rate?

All of the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching – Are you devoted to the teaching of God’s Word? Are your Sunday School class members devoted to studying God’s Word?

and to fellowship – When was the last time you had a class fellowship?

sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper) – When was the last time your class had a meal together? When was the last time you shared the Lord’s Supper together?

and to prayer – Do you spend some time praying for one another in your class, for other believers, for your church, for missionaries, and for your ministers? Do you pray for those who are lost (by name) and need to know Jesus as Lord?

all the believers met together in one place – Does you class meet together in one place for Sunday School and worship?

shared everything they had – Do your class members know the needs of the others in the class? What are they doing to meet those needs (physical, spiritual, and financial)?

shared the money with those in need – Does you class have a ministry/missions project? Are they helping meet the needs of those who need assistance in some way?

They worshiped together – Are your Sunday School class members attending worship together?

met in homes – Does your Sunday School class enjoy meeting at someone’s home to share a meal or fellowship?

with great joy and generosity – Is there a sense of joy among your Sunday School class members? Do they have a generous attitude?

praising God – Is there a sense of gratitude and praise among your Sunday School class members?

enjoying the goodwill of all the people – Do your Sunday School class members genuinely care for one another and help one another?

the Lord added to their fellowship – When was the last time a new person joined your Sunday School class? Does your class have an outreach mentality? Are they reaching out to prospects and absentees?

After evaluating your Sunday School class develop a plan to improve in those areas that you indicated needed some work. Please leave your comments on what you are doing to make 2011 the best year for your Sunday School class.


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