Most of us have been guilty of a “Saturday Night Special” Sunday School lesson. On Saturday night we throw together the Sunday School lesson for Sunday morning. We have not spent the proper time preparing for teaching on Sunday morning and now we are down to the eleventh hour and have to throw something together to teach the lesson.

Our class members deserve better and certainly God deserves our very best. Here are few suggestions on how to avoid a “Saturday Night Special”. Consider taking Sunday afternoon to read through the lesson for next week. Don’t spend much time on studying, just read through it. This will help you get the lesson in your mind and all week long you can think about the lesson and formulate ideas and applications for the lesson. On Monday pray that God will give you wisdom and insight as you prepare to teach. On Tuesday take the time to read some additional commentary on the Scripture you will be teaching. On Wednesday read through the suggested teaching procedures. Refer to some other resources like Extra that is available from Lifeway Christian Resources on line or Quicksource. Don’t be afraid to try some new or different teaching methods each week. On Thursday talk to some other teachers and see how they are planning to teach the lesson. Two heads is always better than one. On Friday develop your outline for teaching the lesson. On Saturday pray that God will use you and the lesson to minister to those in your class. Pray for each individual on your class roll and that God will use this lesson to touch his or her life in some way.

These are just some suggested ways to prepare your Sunday School lesson. Leave a comment on what you do to prepare each week.


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