I just finished writing a daily devotion about half-hearted obedience to God based on the story from 2 Kings about Jehu who destroyed the house of Ahab and all of the prophets and priests of Baal but he failed to oppose the idol worship of Jeroboam. God desires our whole-hearted obedience.

God has called you to teach a Sunday School class. Evaluate your reaching, teaching, ministering, and fellowship of your class. Would God say your class members are whole-heartedly doing the best they can to reach people, to teach God’s Word, to minister to one another, and to spend time fellowshipping and building relationships? That is what God expects of your class and of you as the leader. God despises half-hearted leadership.

Hopefully; each week you are sending cards, making phone calls, and visiting your class members. Hopefully, you spend a good amount of time in preparation and prayer each week so you can adequately teach God’s Word. Hopefully, you are leading the way to help your class members pray for one another and to minister to one another in times of crisis. Hopefully, you are planning fellowship times for your class so everyone can have the opportunity to build relationships and discover the needs of the others in the class. What are you doing to make sure you aren’t slacking off and giving God only half-hearted leadership? Share your ideas in the comment section.


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