Recently, our country has experienced an unusual amount of severe storms. I just heard on the news that over 200 people lost their lives when over 100 tornados tore through the south leaving a path of destruction. Life is filled with storms. Some storms are not as devastating as a tornado but can create just as much stress in a person’s life. People are facing the storms of sickness, divorce, wayward children, difficult work situations, and much more. They all need the loving touch of someone who cares.

Sunday School classes are designed to be the hands and feet of Jesus, providing that loving touch to the members of the class when a storm comes. Every Sunday School class should have a Ministry/Missions Leader. This person will help the teacher coordinate the ministry and mission projects for the class. When there is a death or sickness the Ministry/Missions Leader will organize the class to bring food for the family. When there is a need as a result of a tornado, flood, or some type of accident, the Ministry/Mission Leader will organize people to help clean up, paint, fix, and provide transportation as needed. Sometimes all a person needs is someone to be there and pray for him. The list is endless of the ways a Sunday School class can minister to each other.

If you don’t already have a Ministry/Missions Leader for your Sunday School class, enlist someone today and begin planning the next ministry or mission project for your class. God will use your class to touch the lives of many people if everyone will just make themselves available to be used by God.


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