We have recently heard about the expertise and capabilities of the Navy SEALS. Everyday they train and prepare. They are ready to go on a moments notice. They are the elite of the fighting forces and have trained to perform certain actions that most people will never be able to do. We marvel at these men and their abilities. The key to staying top notch is to constantly be training and improving.

As Sunday School teachers we should be constantly training and improving. There are always ways we can be a better teacher. When was the last time you attended a Sunday School leadership training event? When was the last time you read a book about how to improve as a Sunday School leader? Are you committed to preparing to do your best for the Lord? God deserves your best. Would He consider you as one of His elite Sunday School leaders? Take advantage of training opportunities offered by your church, association, state convention or other organizations that provide Sunday School leadership training. Leave a comment and share what you do to improve as a Sunday School leader?


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