Some teachers set a goal to have 100% in attendance. This is a worthy goal but God has not called us to and have 100% in Sunday School. Rather, He calls us to “Go and make disciples.” Dropping someone off of the Sunday School roll so you can have a better percentage in attendance is wrong. The question any teacher should ask before dropping someone is “Will dropping this person from my Sunday School roll help me reach him and teach him about the Good News of Jesus Christ?” Of course not! When a person is dropped from the roll the teacher is basically saying “I don’t care about you and I don’t want to be bothered with trying to contact and reach you for the Lord.”

There are only four reasons a person should be dropped from the Sunday School roll. 1. The person has died. 2. The person has joined another church and is actively involved at the new church. 3. The person has moved out of town. 4. The person has requested that his name be removed from the Sunday School roll.

Don’t be discouraged in continuing to contact a person. You never know when you will have an opportunity to minister to someone and get them involved in Bible study. It may take years of telephone calls, visits, and cards written to eventually reach someone. If the person is dropped from the roll and no contacts are made, it is almost certain he will not be reached. So, don’t drop them! Keep praying for them and contacting them!


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