David Francis, Sunday School Director, at LifeWay Christian Resources has written a small book titled, Transformational Class: Transformational Church Goes to Sunday School. This little book is based on LifeWay’s Transformational Church research project. They researched churches large and small and different denominations to discover the key elements that help a church produce transformed people or disciples of Jesus Christ. Too often we place a greater emphasis on the number of people attending over the greater need to transform the lives of those who are attending. The number attending is important but it is equally important to make sure we are making disciples. If people attend week after week and they are not transformed by the Gospel message then we need to evaluate what we are doing and how we are doing it. David says, “Transformational churches do exist and they are characterized by members who are becoming more like Jesus, congregations that are acting more like the body of Christ, and communities that are being transformed to reflect the kingdom of God.”

What do these churches have in common? These churches have missionary mentality. They have vibrant leaders. They intentionally build relationships. They depend on prayer. Their worship services actively embrace Jesus and they connect with people in their respective communities. These same principles can be applied to a Sunday School class. David’s book will help any Sunday School class become a Transformational Sunday School class that is helping people become more like Jesus.

Are the people in your Sunday School class being transformed and becoming more like Jesus? Does your Sunday School class act like the body of Christ and reflect the kingdom of God? What do you need to do differently? Share a comment on how your Sunday School class is helping transform people’s lives.


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