The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Sunday School is Bible study. Studying God’s Word is where most of the time of any Sunday School class is spent on Sunday morning, and rightfully so. The next thing one might consider to be a vital part of Sunday School is outreach. As part of the great commission as given to us by Jesus Christ, we are to go and make disciples. We should be about the work of reaching out to new prospects for the class as well as those regular absentees who are on the Sunday School roll. The last thing someone may consider to be a part of Sunday School is ministry. Isn’t that what we pay the preacher to do – minister to people?

Everyone faces challenges in life: marriage issues, divorce, abuse, wayward child, sickness, death, depression, loss of job, financial issues, etc. The list is endless. A person needs others to come along side of him to love him, pray for him, and support him as he travels through these valleys of life. Ministry is one of the most important functions of any healthy Sunday School class.

A Sunday School class should be there to provide meals, to visit the hospital, to send cards, to pray for the person, to be sympathetic and listen, send flowers, to be there when something tragic happens, and sit with the family when a family member is having surgery. The list could go on and on. During these difficult times people are often more open to hearing the gospel message and receiving the comfort and support of others. I have seen many people get actively involved in a church as a result of someone ministering to them during a difficult time. Don’t miss your opportunity!

Use the space below to make a comment and share a brief testimony of ways your Sunday School class has ministered to others.


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