My mother was in Tuesday morning Bible study group. This group had approximately 100 ladies attend each week. The ladies had a large group time with everyone together and then moved into smaller groups for discussion. Each week my mother would receive a call from her small group leader making sure she was going to be there for Bible study. Because of these regular contacts by the group leaders this group of ladies averaged about 90% of those enrolled in the study. Most Sunday School classes only run 40-50% of enrollment. I wonder what would happen if teachers contacted every class member every week. I would imagine that the percentage of those attending would go up.

Many feel that contacting people every week is too much and people get tired of someone calling or contacting them each week. The contact should be to discover how the person is doing and to determine any prayer needs instead of asking why the person was not in Sunday School. The person will not get tired of someone showing genuine concern. Most individuals want to feel as though someone really cares about him and is concerned about what is going on in his life.

In today’s modern culture we are blessed to have a variety of ways to contact people. A teacher, reaching leader, care group leader or ministry leader may want to use a variety of contacts such as email, text message, telephone, notes, Facebook, twitter, or a personal visit. It is good to vary the type of contact and the person making the contact. Share that task with others in the class who are interested in contacting people and getting more people involved in Bible study.

Share your thoughts on making contacts. What are some creative ways you have made contacts to class member? Comment on some success stories you have had making contacts.


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