When a guest comes to your Sunday School class you need to make sure they desire to return. First, every Sunday School class should have a Reaching Leader who is responsible for making sure every guest is greeted as soon as they come in the door. Greet the guest with a smile and a handshake. Find out his name and call him by name. The Reaching Leader should share a little information about himself and then ask for some non-threatening information about the guest. Then the Reaching Leader should begin introducing the guests to others in the class and sharing some information about the guests. If the class is having refreshments, invite the guest to have some. Give the guest a copy of the Sunday School Learner material. Make sure that someone sits with the guest and then invites him to worship. Introduce the guest to the pastor and other leaders in the church. Provide the guest with information on other ministries of the church that may be of interest to him or a family member. Plan for some people from the Sunday School class, who are willing, to take the guest to lunch.

Make sure to get vital information from the guest such as address, phone number, and email so people can make follow-up contacts. The Reaching Leader should make a phone call to the guest on Sunday afternoon thanking him for attending and to see if he has any prayer concerns that he could pray with him about. Ask someone else to send the guest an email on Monday. Another person should send the guest a short note thanking them for attending and encouraging him to come back on Tuesday. On Thursday have someone make an appointment to visit the guest and take him a loaf of homemade bread, pie, or cake. Over the next few weeks plan to make a telephone call one week, the next week send a note again, and on the third week send a text message or email. On the fourth week make another visit. Continue to repeat this cycle of contacts each week using different people to make the contacts.

If you have a class social or fellowship it is important that someone invite the guest to attend and offer to pick him up and take him to the social or fellowship. I am sure you have other ideas on helping a guest want to come back. Share your thoughts and ideas below


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