How many RTM do you have?
We have all heard about RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). RPM helps us measure how fast a wheel or some other mechanical device is moving. The higher the RPM the faster it is moving. The RTM of Sunday School refers to Reaching, Teaching, Ministering. Every Sunday School class needs RTM to be effective. If the teacher is the only person doing RTM then it will not be moving very fast. The more people involved in RTM the better. Every Sunday School class needs three assistants to help the teacher: Reaching Assistant, Teaching Assistant, and Ministry Assistant.

The Reaching Assistant will help the teacher with cultivating guests for the class, assigning guests to members for follow-up, contacting guests, and making guests feel welcome when they attend.

The Teaching Assistant helps the teacher with teaching the lesson, preparing visuals and handouts, arranging the classroom, and teaching for the teacher when he/she has to be absent.

The Ministry Assistant helps organize “care groups” to make sure that every class member is contacted each week and when there is a crisis (death, sickness, loss of job, etc.) that the class is organized to properly minister to the class member.

How are you making sure that Reaching, Teaching, and Ministering is effectively being done in your Sunday School class? Share your thoughts and ideas below.


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