Jesus’ final command to His disciples was to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). How is your Sunday School class doing in the task of “making disciples”? There are six basic habits of an effective disciple: 1. Reading God’s Word and praying everyday; 2. Regularly Worshiping God; 3. Being involved in a small group Bible study; 4. Serving other people; 5. Sharing the Good News message of Jesus Christ with others; and 6: Regularly giving to God’s work.

As a Sunday School leader you must set the example for those in your class. Here are some practical ideas to help your class members become more effective disciples: 1. Encourage class members to use a read through the Bible plan and then discuss insights people have gained from the Scriptures each week; 2. Use some praise and worship songs to support your Sunday School lesson when appropriate; 3. Contact class members who do not attend regularly and encourage them to attend or to participate in a class project; 4. Plan a service or mission project for your class to participate in; 5. Ask class members to share testimonies of times they have witnessed to someone or have invited someone to church; and 6. Talk about the importance of being good stewards of what God has provided and giving to support God’s work.

Certainly, there are other ways to make disciples, such as being a mentor for someone by meeting with him regularly to help him learn the basics of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Share a comment on what you have done to help “make disciples”.


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