When was the last time you shared your testimony or shared the Good News message of Jesus Christ with someone? Our church just finished the “Every Believer A Witness” program with Dennis Nunn. It is an excellent program that helps every believer understand how he or she can easily and effectively share his or her story of what God has done in his or her life. It is important that we keep evangelism on the front burner of Sunday School. Too often, teachers focus on having a great Bible study lesson (which is good) and on fellowship and ministry but fail to focus on reaching new people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the final command of Jesus – “Go and make disciples.” What have you done this week to accomplish the final command that Jesus gave to His disciples and to us today?

To help keep evangelism on the front burner consider putting a poster on the wall where class members can write the first name or initials of someone they know needs to know the Lord and needs to be in church. Each week call attention to the list and have a time of prayer, praying for opportunities to share Jesus with those on the list. Another way is to take a few moments at the beginning of class to ask class members to share how they shared their stories, gave out a tract, or prayed for a server in a restaurant during the week. Not everyone has to share, but by asking people to share each week it sets an expectation that everyone should be sharing the Good News of Jesus in some way each week.


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