Should teachers use Sunday School curriculum? Why do some teachers use curriculum while others have opted not to use any curriculum?

What are the benefits of not using any curriculum?
It gives the teacher the freedom to teach whatever the Holy Spirit leads him to teach.
It allows the teacher to develop the lesson around the needs of the learners.
It allows the teacher to use the teaching methods that he is most comfortable using.
It allows the teacher to have the flexibility to change the direction of the lesson as needed.
The cost is significantly cheaper because one does not have to purchase any curriculum.
The teacher can interpret the Scriptures as he is led by the Holy Spirit and believes is correct.
The teacher can teach whatever doctrines he believes is correct.
The teacher can cover the Bible at his own pace and cover the Scripture in greater detail.

What are the advantages of using Sunday School curriculum?
The teacher has a plan for covering all major portions and doctrines of the Bible in a given period of time.
The suggested teaching plans are often written with a certain age group in mind which helps the teacher make the lesson more relevant to the needs of that specific age group in his or her class.
The teacher has a world of resources available to help teach the lesson (commentary, a variety of teaching methods and procedures, additional advanced commentary, articles on how to teach better, articles on how Biblical history and archeology relates to the lesson, a leader resource pack with pictures, maps, visuals, and handouts that supplement the lesson, suggested discussion questions, etc.)
The learners have a learners piece that provides them with commentary on the Scriptures and how it can be applied to their lives. They can use the learner piece to study the lesson prior to Sunday and also use it for review after the lesson. Some learner pieces have discussion questions and a place to write thoughts and comments.
The teacher is often using the same materials as other teachers in the church and can benefit from talking with other teachers about the lesson and sharing ideas on how to best teach the lesson and how learners can apply the Biblical principles to life.
When training is provided by the church it is easier to train leaders on how to use the Sunday School curriculum effectively if everyone is using the same materials.
If everyone is using the same materials it makes it easier for learners to discuss and talk about the lesson with others in the church.
The church leadership knows what is being taught and that it lines up with with church beliefs and doctrines.

If a carpenter where given the choice of using a power saw or an old-fashioned hand saw, which to you believe he would select? Of course he would select the power saw because it makes his job a lot easier and much more efficient. Using Sunday School curriculum can make the job of teaching easier and more effective. What do you think? Share your comments in the space below.


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