There are many reasons that someone attends a small group Bible study but there are five basics that people are looking for in a small group.
1. People want to learn about and study God’s Word. Make sure you provide adequate time for Bible study each week.
2. People want to know how they can practically apply God’s truths to their lives. Make sure you provide some practical suggestions on how to live out God’s principles this coming week.
3. People want to connect with other people. Provide a time for fellowship and getting better acquainted each week.
4. People want to have a safe place where they can share their struggles and prayer needs. Spend time each week praying for one another’s needs and concerns.
5. People want a place where they can get involved in ministry to others. Besides ministering to others in the small group provide opportunities for class members to minister to others in the community.
Small groups are vital to the life of the church. Statistics indicate that 8 out of 10 people who get connected with a small group are still involved in the church after 5 years. The reverse is true of those who do not get involved in a small group, after 5 years 8 out of 10 people have dropped out of church. Make sure to do everything possible to make your small group a place where people want to attend. In the space below share some of the reasons you think people come to your Small Group Bible Study.


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