It is common for Sunday School attendance to take a slump or nose-dive in the summer. Many people take vacations or just take advantage of the warm weather to go to the lake, the beach, or to the mountains. People need those days of rest and relaxation, but here are three ways you can be a Summer Slump Buster.
1. Plan some special class activities such as a picnic, swim party, or watermelon feast. The list of possibilities is endless. This will help class members develop relationships and keep them in touch with one another.
2. Every week contact every person who is not present, including those who may have told you they were going on vacation or would be gone for some reason. Let everyone know that you missed them and you look forward to seeing them back at Sunday School and Worship.
3. Divide your class into two teams and have some friendly Summer Slump Buster competition. Award one point for each time a member is present during the summer months. Award two points for each guest that a member brings during the summer. Keep a running tally of the score and award some prizes to the winning team at the end of summer.

Certainly, you have some other ideas on how to avoid the Summer Slump. Share some of your ideas in the space below.


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