A Teacher’s Apprentice is enlisted by the teacher to assist the teacher in his major responsibilities and prepare to start a new Bible study unit within two years. The Teacher’s Apprentice serves as a substitute for the teacher when the teacher must be absent and assists the teacher as needed. Here are some of the responsibilities that a Teacher’s Apprentice might do:

1. Help lead the Bible study time as needed when the teacher is present and when the teacher must be absent.
2. Assist the teacher in gathering Bible study materials, resources, and preparing the room for a positive learning experience.
3. Build positive relationships with class learners and prospects to ensure they are contacted regularly in order to meet their needs.
4. Help maintain attendance records and other information that will help in achieving the goals of the Sunday School class.
5. Help in leading class learners toward faith in Jesus Christ and sharing their faith with others.
6. Set a positive example for others by living as an authentic witness for Christ by being actively involved in the life and ministry of the church.

Review your class roll and determine someone you feel would make a great Sunday School teacher. Schedule a time to meet with that person in his home, your home, or over lunch to discuss the possibility of him being your Teacher’s Apprentice. Share the list of responsibilities from above and discuss each responsibility. Share upcoming training opportunities that will help prepare him for the job as Teacher Apprentice. Make sure you share why you selected him and the potential you see in him to become a teacher. Do not ask for a commitment at this time but ask him to pray about being the Teacher Apprentice. Tell him you will get back with him in a week or two after he has adequate time to pray about the possibility. Provide your phone number and encourage him to give you a call if he has any questions.

Once he has accepted the position as Teacher Apprentice encourage him to take advantage of any Sunday School Leadership Training opportunities your church, association, or state my offer. Ask him to go with you to one of the training events.

Immediately begin to use the Teacher Apprentice to help with setting up the class with needed resources (posters, handouts, pens, videos, etc.). Ask the Teacher Apprentice to help you by teaching a portion of the lesson or helping with a specific activity. As the person gains more experience and confidence then ask him to take the lead and teach the lesson. You become his helper for that Sunday. When you need to be absent, ask the Teacher Apprentice to teach for you. Ask him to help you with Sunday School records, outreach to prospects, and ministry to members as needed. Your goal is to train this person to become a teacher and start a new class within two years. By multiplying we can reach more people for Christ and grow God’s kingdom.


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