Should tables be used in adult Sunday School classes?

Let’s explore the positives and negatives of using tables in an adult Sunday School classroom.

-Tables provide a place for learners to put their Bibles and learner guides.
-Tables provide a place for learners to write notes.
-Tables provide an opportunity for learners to sit closer and have more eye contact with other learners which often promote more discussion.

-Tables take up space that could be used for people.
-Tables limit the number of people that can be in the class.
-When the number of people in the class exceeds the number that can comfortably sit at the table(s) then those who cannot sit at the tables often feel they are not part of the group and do not enter into the discussion.

If tables are used it is recommended that the teacher sit at the table with the learners so he or she is a part of the group rather than standing and teaching.

When a class exceeds the number of people that can comfortably sit around the table(s), the class should remove the table(s) and place chairs in a circle so everyone can have good eye contact and discussion with others.

Make a comment and share what you think? Why do you like or dislike using tables in an adult Sunday School classroom?


Dale Carrier · April 12, 2012 at 1:57 pm

We will continue to use tables. Just chairs in our class will not work out well at all. The tables give our people a sense of belonging. I will agree that we have to get there way early to set the tables up and get them arranged but it is well worth it. Chairs make people feel like they are back in school classroom setting and after 30 years of teaching in the school system I don’t believe adults are comfortable in that kind of setting. Dale

Bob Cline · April 28, 2012 at 12:37 pm

I believe it is a two edge sword. Tables do give the people comfort because it seems we have a tradition of eating – which I’m not a fan of but it seems a large marjority of our class is. If we did not have the food issue – then the tables would not even be needed. I also believe the food issue brings stress on class mates that probably don’t want the hassel and stress of preparing food. I believe I’m going to poll the class and see what the response is. If people are coming to Sunday School just to eat – then I’m not doing my job very well. I know in room 200 – if you took the tables out, that room could hold 60 people easy.

Ron Moore · May 15, 2012 at 8:32 pm

Thanks for your comment and thoughts on how to improve Sunday School!

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