Statistics indicate that new Sunday School classes grow faster than older ones. Older classes may have a few people join periodically but they usually have just as many going out the backdoor, therefore, you don’t see an increase in numbers. Statistics also indicate that for every new Sunday School class that begins there is an increase in overall attendance by 10 people. A new adult Sunday School class may only have 4 new members but usually those adults have children that are now involved in Bible study, resulting in a net gain for Sunday School.

One of the best ways for a Sunday School class to grow the kingdom of God instead of growing their own kingdom is to help start new Sunday School classes. Teachers should talk about starting a new class and encourage members of the class to help “seed” a new class. Every Sunday School class should set a goal for the number of classes they plan to “birth”. It is neat to see classes that have “children” and even “grandchildren” in their class “family tree”.

If a Sunday School class would start a new class every three years, in 9 years they will have started 3 new classes. If the first class the original class started were to take the same challenge of starting a new class every three years then they would have started 2 new classes by the end of 9 years and the second class that started would have 1 new class that they started. That is a total of 6 new classes started in just 9 years. If every class just averaged 10 that is a growth of 60 new people. If the original class had not started any classes it is doubtful the class would be running 60 more people, much less to think of having a room big enough for over 60 people. If a class were to start a new class every two years the numbers would be even greater. In ten years there would be 15 new classes and an increase of 150 in Sunday School.

Starting new Sunday School classes is an effective way of building God’s kingdom and increasing the number in Sunday School. What goals have you set for starting new classes? Share some comments below of experiences you have had helping start a new class.


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