I can remember when I got my first cell phone. It was as large as a book and had an antenna coming out of the top. It could only be used in major cities along the interstate, but I thought this new device was the best thing since sliced bread.

Today, nearly everyone has a cell phone that will fit in his/her pocket and it not only makes phone calls, one can get email messages, text messages, and even get on the web to get information and directions. There is even an application on my phone that I use on the golf course to determine the yardage to the hole. It is amazing what cell phones can now do.

Technology will only continue to advance and cell phones will be able to do even more in the future. Here are the “Top Ten” ideas on how to use this new technology to improve Sunday School:
1. Ask everyone in the class to get their cell phones out on a Sunday morning and send a text or email to someone they know who needs to be involved in Sunday School inviting them to come to Sunday School.
2. Give everyone in the class the name and phone number of someone who is on the Sunday School class roll but has not been attending lately. Ask class members to make a call to that person sometime during the week inviting them to Sunday School.
3. Get the cell phone number and email of everyone in your class. Develop a prayer list on Sunday and send it to class members via text or email. Send emergency prayer requests as needed.
4. Send information and invitations about class fellowships and activities to people via a text or email message.
5. Ask someone in the class with a smart phone to look up some information that is pertinent to the Sunday School lesson and share it with the class.
6. Send a text message or email each week to class members telling them what scripture passage will be used on Sunday for the lesson and how they can prepare for Bible study.
7. Communicate with other class leaders such as Reaching Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Ministry Assistant, and Care Group Leaders via text or email providing them with information they need to accomplish their assigned tasks.
8. Develop a Facebook page for your class as a way of sharing information and photos with the class.
9. Recognize birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions or recognitions via email, text, and/or Facebook.
10. Partner with and support an International Missionary or North American Missionary. Provide regular communications and prayer requests from the missionaries to class members via text or email to help them know how they can best support and pray for the missionary. This is a great way to elevate mission awareness in the class.

Surely, there are many other ways of using modern technology to improve Sunday School and ministry to others. Please share your ideas, suggestions, and comments in the space below.

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Don · January 1, 2015 at 2:08 pm

I use you tube and have found videos on morality, making right choices, contemporary Christians so gs and lyrics, biblical stories…….

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