One of the purposes of Sunday School is to minister to those who are in the class. The larger a class grows the more difficult it is for a teacher to effectively minister to all class members. Every class member will experience a crisis at some point in his life; a death of a loved one, loss of job, a wayward teenager, sickness, surgery, etc. A Sunday School class should step up to the plate and provide some help and support during difficult times by providing prayer, visits, food, and general support. Additionally, a class should check on class members when they are absent.

Assuming a class has 25 people enrolled that means a teacher has 24 people to care for and contact when they are absent. That can be overwhelming. The best leadership method is to follow the advice that Jethro gave to Moses. All of the people were bringing their disputes to Moses for him to judge. It was becoming overwhelming. Moses’ father-in-law came to him and told him that what he was doing was not good and that he needed to delegate responsibility to other leaders so he could focus on the big decisions that needed to be made.

Sunday School teachers should enlist other leaders to help them with the basic responsibilities of the class. Every Sunday School teacher should enlist a Ministry Leader or Care Group Leader. This person is responsible for enlisting other leaders to be Care Group Leaders. Each Care Group Leader is responsible for caring for 5-7 members of the class. A class with 25 enrolled would have 4-5 Care Group Leaders. Care Group Leaders should contact absentees and minister to people in his care group who are experiencing a crisis. Every member of the class should be contacted every week asking them how we can pray for them.

Delegate responsibility to some reliable leaders who can help your Sunday School class more effectively minister to members. Leave a comment below about your ideas and thoughts about delegating responsibility and using Care Group Leaders to minister to class members.


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