I have always heard “Two heads are better than one”. The implication is that there is wisdom to involving others in making decisions and planning. The Bible says, “Plans fail when there is no counsel, but with many advisers they succeed” (Proverbs 15:22). Getting another’s viewpoint and involving others in helping usually makes for better decisions, events, and even teaching.

The teacher who seeks the advice and direction from others is wise. There are many places a teacher can turn for “counsel”. Using Sunday School materials that provides Biblical background and commentary is a great place to start. Most curriculum materials come with commentary and suggested teaching procedures. Some even provide additional commentary, visual resources, handouts, videos, and others even provide additional help via the internet. Every teacher should take advantage of the resources that are available on the internet, in libraries, and in books instead of trying to “wing it” on his own.

Another resource a teacher should use is an Associate Teacher. Every teacher should enlist an Associate Teacher to assist with the class. This person can help the teacher with lesson preparation, assemble resources for the lesson, and even help with teaching as needed. The Associate Teacher is another “head” to help the teacher do a more effective job of teaching and meeting the needs of class members. Hopefully, the Associate Teacher can fill in when the regular teacher is gone and when it is time to start another class, the Associate Teacher can move into a regular teaching position. This is a great way to develop future leaders and teachers.

Involving class members in helping present the lesson is another great resource that is available to every teacher. Class members can provide testimonies, read scripture, and even guide a small group discussion or lead in presenting a report to the class. Follow the advise found in Proverbs and use the counsel of others. Don’t miss out using the many “heads” that are available to help you be a more effective teacher. Your class members deserve the best and as you involve others you will be a better teacher and your job will become easier. Remember “Two heads really are better than one!”

Please leave a comment on how you have used the counsel of others and involved others in helping you be a more effective teacher. Are there other “heads” we can use to provide input, ideas, and assistance for better Bible study?


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